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At the top.




Mila Doll

I hate that point. That point where you’ve finally accepted the pain. The loss of the one you loved for so long. I hate it so much. How it’s so strong that it lingers in your mind. You think you’ve accepted it so it will no longer hurt no more but after a while, you realise that’s just some bullshit you tell yourself just to get the fuck over it and when your alone and you put some music on you feel so fucking numb. You sit there with your sorrow and it even sometimes feels like your drowning, over and over again. You want to cry, you want to relieve this pain but you can’t because this pain is like no other. It’s the kind of pain nothing will fix. Him coming back won’t fix. It like your a broken mirror, smashed into pieces and no one is here to pick up those pieces with you and put you back together again, so instead you’d chuck the pieces of the broken mirror out, right? Who the hell wants a broken mirror anyway. So yes, I hate this point. I hate this point of accepting sadness so much to a fucking point where I can sit here for hours feel nothing but pain and wake up tomorrow with a fucking smile on my face like I’ve never felt such tense sorrow. I fucking hate it. If you read this and you understand what I’m feeling, I’m really sorry. Stay strong. - ms (via caughtbeneathashadow)

Him coming back won’t fix it

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